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            Warranty conditions of RUWAC Asia

            Valid from 01.06.2017

            1. Products covered by this Warranty

            All products manufactured by RUWAC Asia Limited and all products supplied by RUWAC Asia Limited Group
            of Companies but manufactured by others.

            2. RUWAC Asia member companies

            Production plant and issuer of warranty certificate :

            RUWAC Asia Limited

            Authorized warranty agents and members of RUWAC Asia Group :

            RUWAC PTE Limited 
            RUWAC SDN. Bhd. 
            RUWAC Industrial Vacuums ( Suzhou) Co., Ltd. 
            Project Partners Co.,Ltd.

            3. RUWAC Asia distribution area

            The RUWAC Asia warranty is valid in the following countries: Australia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, 
            Indonesia, Japan, Republic of Korea, Macao, Malaysia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, 
            Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam

            4. Beneficiary of services under warranty

            The beneficiary of any services provided under this warranty condition is always the party to which the product was 
            delivered and handed over. Such party is stipulated in the machine hand over form. For machines and products supplied to 
            a trading company or OEM the principal beneficiary is always such trading company or OEM unless the hand over was made
            by RUWAC Asia to the designated end customer and it was agreed that all rights under this warranty are transferred to said end customer.

            5. RUWAC Asia warranty statement

            We pledge that all products manufactured and supplied by RUWAC Asia are free from any defects. 
            Every RUWAC Asia made machine has passed stringent quality control and testing procedures of the
            finished machine as well as every major component and building part.

            6. Warranty coverage and exclusions

            We will replace or repair at our own discretion any product found having a manufacturing defect. 
            Repairs will be carried out by replacing any damaged parts with complete new parts or modules but not the entire machine. 
            The warranty does not cover any wear parts. Please obtain a list of wear parts from your RUWAC sales consultant. 
            Wear parts are for example: 
            Filters, seals, outledbags, dust bin inserts, V-belts and all accessories such as hoses and suction tools. 
            The warranty covers: Housing parts, motors, turbines, electrical parts, control systems and other components
            not classified as wear parts.

            7. Limitations

            RUWAC dust collection machines must be operated according to the operating instructions and regular maintenance procedures described in technical manuals
            and hand over documents. Operators must understand and follow all instructions. Our warranty is only valid if the machine was used for the application and suction media
            specified in order confirmation and final hand over form.

            Examples for our warranty becoming void are:

            - A vacuum supplied for intermittent duty but operated continuously. 
            - A solution supplied for vacuum cleaning task but used for dedusting 
            - Dry suction media specified in the hand over form but liquid or mixed suction media vacuumed. 
            - Operation instructions such as dust bin emptying, filter shaking and max start/stops neglected

            8. Registration requirement

            Only machines supplied by RUWAC Asia and duly registered with an authorized RUWAC Asia representative are covered by the warranty. 
            An online registration form will be available at this website soon.

            9. Warranty claim report

            In order to claim any service under warranty, customers must duly and truly complete the warranty claim form and submit that to his authorized service agent. RUWAC may require additional information and/or the return of faulty parts to the nearest RUWAC service agent for investigation.

            10. Validity of the RUWAC Asia warranty

            There are 2 types of warranty agreements available 

            10.1. Standard RUWAC Asia warranty

            The standard RUWAC Asia warranty period is 12 months beginning from the date of hand over. Every hand over and machine registration form clearly stipulates the beginning and end of warranty.

            10.2. Extended RUWAC Asia warranty

            Many applications are critical for safety, product quality and operation environment. In order to ensure continuous performance, max up time and lowest service and operation costs, we recommend to sign up for our service contract agreement.

            For machines purchased with service agreement the following extensions of the warranty period are provided:

            With 2 years service contract : 2 years warranty. 
            With 3 years service contract : 3 years warranty.

            11. RUWAC Germany and RUWAC USA supplied machines

            Such machines if supplied directly to an OEM or trading company outside the area as per Par 3 and then having its final destination
            inside the area as per Par 3 are not covered by the RUWAC Asia warranty.

            Customers are advised to register their machines with RUWAC Asia and purchase a RUWAC Asia warranty separately.

            在使用了集定制吸嘴與自動啟停裝置為一體的DS1221吸塵器之后,產品的質量得到了很大的提升而且設備的性能遠遠優于之前其他廠家的設備。 RUWAC的解決方案是根據我們的要求量身定制。 設備的質量和使用壽命以及RUWAC中國區的服務說服了我們。


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